About Jordan Valley Glassworks

Jordan Valley Glassworks is a family-owned glass blowing studio located in East Jordan, Michigan. For over twenty years we have been creating beautiful, custom glass pieces that have been purchased all across the United States. Find your next custom-made piece of art by shopping with us online!

Our Mission

Our mission at Jordan Valley Glassworks is to share the art of glassblowing. We want to make it accessible to everyone in the East Jordan area while making it a fun experience!

Jordan Valley Glassworks is a family owned glass blowing business originally founded in 1988 as a wholesaler of stained glass art and transforming in to a glass blowing studio open to the public in December of 1999.  With works of art ranging from economically priced beautifully crafted paperweights and holiday ornaments to giant 500 pound 300 piece chandeliers, the small northern Michigan glass studio offers a wide range of unique hand crafted treasures to accent and enhance your living spaces.

Nestled in the Jordan Valley in East Jordan Michigan, JVG is a working studio that allows walk-in customers the opportunity to watch artists create over 100 different products from start to finish. Each piece begins as a glob of clear molten glass dipped from the 2,000 degree Fahrenheit furnace and carefully shaped, blown, and colored with small pieces of colored glass (frit) or powders.  While some of the pieces can be made by a solo artist in a matter of minutes, the more extraordinary sculptures often require 2 to 4 artists working simultaneously several hours to make.

Jordan Valley Glassworks is well known throughout Michigan and across the country for their bright colors and locally crafted masterpieces.  Having created works of art for several Michigan governors and even the White House, their art has made it into every state in the United States; Most notably during the National Governors’ Association Conference in 2007, where Governor Jeniffer Granholm gifted each governor with one of JVG’s signature Puff Pots patterned in what is now known as the “Governor’s Pattern” and uses colorings to reflect Michigan’s Great Lakes, green forests, and colorful skies.

Among their most recognizable products are their Niijima floats.  Every Memorial Day, JVG creates and distributes (for free) over 150 of these precious 5-6 inch diameter blown glass floats engraved with the name of a veteran who gave their life fighting for America’s freedom. “It’s our special way of remembering and honoring those who’ve made the ultimate sacrifice protecting our freedom,” said Glenna Haney, co-owner and master glassblower, “They helped shape our country and our way of life and we want to share that feeling of appreciation and the magnitude of that sacrifice with everyone who finds one.”

JVG is open year round, seven days per week, only closing for a handful of holidays, and offers standard artist designed items, as well as custom options, so if you don’t find the perfect gift in their studio or online, you can order something with your own unique color combination or look through the gallery of past creations to find the perfect item to add to your shopping list.

Jordan Valley Glassworks is located at 209 State St. East Jordan, Michigan 49727, online at www.jordanvalleyglassworks.com, or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/JordanValleyGlassworks.

What we Sell

  • Gift ware & Feathered Vases
  • Stained Glass
  • Lighting Fixtures
  • Garden Accents
  • Bowls & Drinkware
  • Large Custom Installations