AMAZING works of blown glass art! It’s unbelievable how they can get so much detail and color into a piece of blown glass! Definitely recommend stopping in to check things out and pick up a favorite piece or two!

>> Scott G.

Thank you so much for creating something beautiful with my daughter’s ashes she was beautiful too I recommend everyone should bring their loved ones here and create something beautiful with their ashes thank you so much for this gift

>> Elizabeth M.

I have always been interested in glass blowing and love to watch it being done. We took our Grandson in and he was so amused watching them blow the glass. They asked my Grandson if he would like to make a piece and he was thrilled out of his gourd. They explained what he needed to do and he followed through… listened to every word they said and made a great piece of art! They told him he was an expert Glassblower. Couldn’t have had a better experience. Love

>> Patrick D.

One of the coolest places you will ever visit. Beautiful craftsmanship. Something you don’t see everywhere. Go visit .its worth it.

>> Roxi T.

Jay is an incredible glass blower and will guide you through the process of making your very own one-of-a-kind work of art. Just follow his lead, as glass blowing can be incredibly dangerous. I am very happy with the experience and art I received doing the lesson.

>> Andrew W.

Absolutely phenomenal! The artistry is amazing! The craftsmanship is unsurpassed. You have to stop in and watch him create! He is freaking awesome! You can get gifts for anyone that is important to you when you go here!

>> Jane H.

Super friendly staff and my daughter had a blast blowing glass and making her own diffuser!

>> Jennifer G.

Took a glassblowing class here today & IT WAS AMAZING!!! We had so many choices of items we could make & colors and decorations to choose from. They were great teachers & we were able to do so much hands-on. I highly recommend Jordan Valley Glassworks for trying something new!

>> Melanie R.

I have always loved colored glass and glass art. It is so nice to see it happening before your eyes. It is so wonderful to have this in the northern Michigan area!

>> Linda U.

What a wonderful little gem of a place! They offer so many pieces of glass artwork, especially little things perfect for gifts. The shop is openly spaced so you can walk around freely and watch the glass blowing process – very cool experience! Definitely a stop for locals and tourists alike.

>> Pixel Cupcake

We are looking for a light fixture for over our dining room table. The staff was extremely helpful, showing us what could be made and offering suggestions that helped us find what we were looking for. Very positive experience.

>> Nancy R.

Received my amazing globes, so beautiful and fun! You have such talented artists!!! I so enjoy watching your videos of amazing creations. Keep them coming, one day I’ll make it up to your store. Thank you 😊

>> Lisa T.